The Children of Kenji Takeuchi

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The Children of Kenji Takeuchi is a Complete English Language Course based on the Interactive Stories Method of langauge learning. It is for upper-intermediate level English language learners.

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The Children of Kenji Takeuchi is a Complete English Language Course It is for upper-intermediate level English language learners.

This shows the true power of both the teaching and imagination.” Jigar (Gurarat, India)

Interactive Stories

The Children of Kenji Takeuchi is an Interactive Story for upper-intermediate level English learners, so you can improve your speaking and listening, while learning grammar in context. These English lessons are based on the Interactive Stories method, which you can learn in our free training course.

The Story

The story is about a young Japanese man in search of his long-lost sister in Europe. Along the way, he meets fascinating people, has many adventures, and ends up becoming a werewolf! Can he cure himself of the disease? This story touches upon many important themes, such as relationships, culture, psychology, and medicine. The story is set in Europe. There are twenty-one episodes.

It’s an amazing approach of teaching English – very exciting and enjoyable. It is real fun.” Ahmed (Doha, Qatar)

The Course

The Children of Kenji Takeuchi course contains:

  • Audio (Mp3) for 21 Episodes, read by Mark White (accent: Australian male) and Aaron Campbell (accent: American male);
  • Transcript and Lesson Worksheets (166 pgs), including answers to all questions and short discussions;
  • Lesson Notes (132 pgs), explaining English grammar and usage for each episode;
  • Online Discussion Pages, lesson notes online with links to follow and areas to ask questions, share ideas, comment, and discuss.

How Does the Course Work?

When you get The Children of Kenji Takeuchi, you can use it to:

  • Listen and Write: Listen to the story. The story contains questions. Write the answers you hear. Hear a sample.
  • Listen and Read: Listen to the story again and read the whole transcript. Check your answers. Look up new words in the dictionary.
  • Listen and Speak: For this part you need to find a friend to be a partner. Read the story together and answer the questions with your partner. One person reads aloud. The other person answers questions orally. Stop and discuss your answers as much as you can. If you lack confidence, do Part 2 (Listen and Read) again.
  • Lesson Notes Study: Use this to become more aware of English grammar and usage. Listen to the Lesson Notes and read the transcript of the notes if you have trouble. Check vocabulary in your dictionary.
  • Online Discussion: Use our online discussion pages to ask questions and share ideas with the creators of the course and other learners.

I’d like to say that this lesson is the most great lesson I’ve never seen. It is amazing! Your work is wonderful and the lesson was very cheap, just 12$. The online notes are so full of interesting things, grammar points at all.” Patricia Helena (Uberaba, Brazil)

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