The Ramayana

A Listening and Speaking Course

The Ramayana is an Interactive Story, so you can improve your speaking and listening, while learning grammar in context. It is based on the Interactive Stories Method, which you can learn in our training course.

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The Ramayana is a self-study listening and speaking course based on the Interactive Stories method.

The Ramayana is a classic story from Indian history. It permeates the literature and culture of south Asia and southeast Asia. It is one of the world’s great stories. It is about a man who has lost his wife. She has been kidnapped. He must find her!

You can improve your English and deepen your knowledge of world culture at the same time.

The story has been re-written in graded English for intermediate level English learners.

The Ramayana is an interactive story so it contains questions. The idea is to listen to the text on mp3 file and answer the questions. Improve your English by practicing listening and speaking.

Grammar and Vocabulary

Listen to The Ramayana and increase your vocabulary and improve your understanding of grammar in context. The grammar focus of this story is:

  • Past Simple Tense
  • Past Simple Tense
  • Past Simple Tense - Passive Voice
  • Present Perfect Tense
  • Past Conditionals
  • Present Conditionals
  • Present Perfect Tense - Passive Voice
  • Embedded Questions
  • Relative Clauses

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